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Valinor Hot Summer SalsaValinor Jamaica RumVálinor Hot Summer Salsa


Válinor Jamaica Rum

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Bodi at 9 monthsMika at 8 weeksJelle at 8 weeksTalita at 8 weeks

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Válinor Jamaica Rum
Valinor Jamaica Rum
Nl.Ch. Silvermoor's Highland Chief Golden Heritage from Aaronwell Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell
Aaronwell Rising Sunset
Silvermoor's Barley Sugar Langili Eloquent Charm
Silvermoor's Barleycorn
Válinor For Your Eyes Only Válinor Chase a Rainbow Jackaroo van Koridwenn
Mirpet Lady in Red
Mirpet Touch of Class Dt. Ch. Clorewood John Thomas
Mirpet Tilly Tantrum
Válinor Hot Summer Salsa
Valinor Hot Summer Salsa
Kintyre's Imperial Item Pelido Kings Councel Ch. Brilyn Supertramp
Pelido Hot Silk
Dt. VDH. Ch Bhyllsacre Brynacre Bundle of Love Bhyllsacre Make Mine Macho
Bhyllsacre Golden Challenge of Brynacre
Mirpet Lady in Red Ch. Repr. Mirpet Matt Bianco Ch. Brilyn Supertramp
Emma Peel of Mirpet
Mirpet Tilly Tantrum Westoak Warlord of Rixown
Ch. Mirpet She's No Lady